Return To Hong Kong

A good thing about a city is that it stays the same. Its man-made skyline might be altered, but something about the city just cannot be taken out and replaced. The only thing that changes is us. I once came to Hong Kong as a ten-year-old kid on a vacation. Returning fifteen years later, this time with a heavier heart, I try to reconnect with that child to find out what he saw and how he felt in this strange city. »

A Strange Winter

A nightly rain poured down on the whole of Singapore and managed to wet the Singapore River itself. Singapore has greeted me with a rain on my arrival, and is bidding me farewell with this rain in my last days. In this rain, one can easily see that there is something tragic about the Singaporean sun, quite different from the unforgiving sun of other Southeast Asian countries. The sun here briefly punishes the city with its vicious rays, only to be usurped by an overcast sky. »